Susan Anthony

Susan Anthony


Like many professionals in the health and fitness industry, I am driven each day by an intense desire to share with others the incredible benefits of living a healthier lifestyle. 

I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 25 years. I started as a personal trainer, instructing clients on free weights and fitness machines. Though my clients’ bodies improved—yes, their muscles grew bigger and stronger—I knew there was something more.

 In 2000, I learned about an exercise method called “Pilates,” created by Joseph Pilates. It changed my life. I trained under Joseph Pilates’ protégé and chosen successor, Romana Krysanowska, and her daughter, Sari Mejia Santo—and proudly(!) earned a Pilates Graduate Certificate signed by Kryzanowska.

I soon opened a Pilates studio here in Rhode Island. My clients and I flourished. Still, I longed for more. I had watched a colleague, Cassy Dasilva, move through a sequence of exercises—arching, curling, and spiraling her spine—on an amazingly-designed, hand-crafted wooden machine called The Gyrotonic Pulley Tower. I was mesmerized.

In 2006, I obtained my GYROTONIC® certification. “Gyro” was a perfect complement to Pilates.

In the years since, my passion for uniting the body and mind has only deepened. I have gained certification as a holistic health coach, a licensed massage therapist, and a yoga instructor. Nourishing the connections between fitness, healthy eating and lifestyle has become my true center.

 Physical fitness and wellness is a life process. It’s not a New Year’s resolution. It’s a continuous evolution of your desire to find new energy and new spirit within yourself.

I feel blessed to earn my living doing what I love most, meeting great people, sharing their goals and watching them grow. The relationships have been lasting.

 I look forward to meeting you soon!

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The Authentic Pilates Method


Holistic Health Coach

Therapeutic Cupping

Licensed Massage Therapist

Yoga (200 hour YTT)